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Education Technology

We are working with non-profits and learning management system platforms in K12 and higher education to help personalize education; ensure equitable opportunities in coursework and curricula; design targeted interventions to support families; and promote pathways to high-paying jobs for students attending non-selective universities.

During the pandemic, we have been working with Young 1ove to develop "low-tech" remote learning and assessment tools that leverage phone calls and SMS to provide educational content for families in Botswana, Nepal, and Kenya. Our fast-cycle, large-scale randomized trial showed significant improvements in learning outcomes for thousands of children out of school.


We are combining tools from econometrics and machine learning to design and implement algorithms that promote equity in hiring and screening processes. In partnership with Fortune 500 companies, we are using these tools to evaluate fairness in selection processes and to design new algorithms that promote fairness, diversity and accuracy in selection decisions. We are also partnering with firms and institutions to help them identify otherwise-overlooked applicants for high-opportunity employment pathways. We are testing and scaling these tools to promote transparency, accuracy, and equity in employment opportunities.

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We are working with large-scale housing platforms to reduce inequality in families' access to high-impact schools; remove barriers to moving to neighborhoods that promote economic mobility for the children of low-income families; optimize allocation processes of low-income housing benefits for those most in need; and identify and reduce the many dimensions of discrimination that families endure in their search for low-income housing. With our housing platform partners, we are conducting large-scale, fast-cycle randomized controlled trials and then scaling successful interventions to millions of families.